Types of J-Hope

how to be my friend on tumblr


1. literally just fucking talk to me

2. thats it



 해떴다 퇴근하자~~! pic.twitter.com/sHE937C6dD

"The sun has risen, let’s get off of work~~!~"

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Taehyung being judged by his members

kim seokjin clearly getting all the ladies with his beautiful salad eating skills

you’re so gorgeous

a sexy sweaty yoongi~

- v - bts

jimin’s pledge

- jimin - bts

- jimin - bts

"Go on your path, even if you live for a day,
do something, put away your weakness.”

- bts

42/100 bts bein smooth af in 60fps

- kookie - bts

He is beautiful when he dances. - Jungkook
- rapmon - bts

I wasn’t made for that shit
but I could probably hire him
and who all paid for his shit 

- jimin - bts